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Banquet Room Menus
Please select a banquet room menu for any banquet room occasion.

If you wish to request the banquet room for an event, please click here.
If you wish to download a pdf of our banquet menu, please click here.

  Hors D'oeuvres (view) Hors D'oeuvres (view)
  Appetizers (view)  
  Brunch (view) Breakfast/ Brunch (view)
  Lunch (view) Lunch (view)
  Dinner (view) Dinner (view)
  Dessert (view) Dessert (view)
  Wine List (view) Wine List (view)
  Beverages (view) Beverages (view)

“The food was outstanding, plentiful and beautifully presented. We heard nothing but compliments …We could not have been served any better or more professionally anywhere else.” –Robert & Gabriele