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Chef Phil Collins
Chef at the Spinnaker since 1982

"I am a proponent of the 'fusion' approach to cooking, drawing from a number of culinary traditions in the preparation of fresh seafood. If there is any talent involved, it is in knowing how to blend the elements of different cultural cuisines together harmoniously, without over-elaboration. I particularly enjoy working with seafood. Fresh seafood has delicate flavors which require a subtle touch with the seasoning but are amenable to a host of different cooking techniques.

Supply is always interesting, too. The weather, international economics, and marine biology are just a few factors that come into play.

I work hard to keep my ideas fresh, stay abreast of the latest culinary trends, and bring the freshest available seasonal foods to our customers. I would be happy to answer questions or receive comments from any of our patrons."

To interact directly with me please visit my blog….  In my daily blog you will find discussions on the latest culinary trends, seasonal ingredients and anything else pertinent in the cooking world. (click here)